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NEP570 Photo Color/Name: NEP570
Type: Field Tile
Series: Nepal
Size: 20" x 20"
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Technical Data

Abrasion Resistance:PEI IV  (ISO 10545-7)
Acid Resistance:Resists  (ISO 10545-13)
Breaking Modulus:40÷55 N/mm²  (ISO 10545-4)
Frost Resistance:Frost Proof  (ISO 10545-12)
Mohs Hardness:6  (UNI 101)
Stain Resistance:Complete  (ISO 10545-14)
Static Coefficient of Friction:WET > 0.83  (ASTM C 1028)
DRY > 0.66
Water Absorption:≤ 0.1%&nsp; (ISO 10545-3)

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Nepal Series

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